Our Services

With our dedicated team of walkers you need never be stuck. 

Last minute requests can be catered for seven days a week.

  • Group Walks - Either a 30 min or 60 min walk at designated times with other dogs

  • Solo Walks  - A 20, 30, 40 or 60 min walk for those dogs who prefer to be on their own at a time to suit you.

  • Daycare / Half Daycare - Dog joins the group walks for half a day am/pm or full day
  • Pack Hikes * - Your dog will join a group of dogs and head off for a long hike around the Scottish highlands

  • Pack Runs * - If your dog loves to run and has extra energy to burn why not send them out for a group run.

  • Solo Runs - If your dog loves to run alone, then this option is for you. Available for 20, 30, 40 and 60 min.

  • Home Visits  - Going away for an evening or have a night out? We can look after your pets while your away. Whether letting your dogs out or for a toilet break last thing at night/first thing in the morning; feeding the cats and cleaning out litter trays or caring for any other pets. 20, 30 or 60 min visits are available.

  • Puppy Walks - A little 20 min walk for those little pups who just aren't quite old enough to handle the group walks.With our dedicated team of freelance walkers you need never be stuck. Last minute requests can be catered for seven days a week.

  • Yard Care - Our visits cover feeding, mucking out, turning out, stabling, lunging, rugging up and other horse care.

* Subject to availability

We are proud to offer these ​Four unique new services:

Pack Hikes

 Your dog will join a group and head up to the Scottish highlands for a long hike. Equipped with water, toys, treats, a first aid kit and much more the walker(s) will set off on a fabulous hike which all of the dogs love! 


Pack Runs

 This service is available for one hour. Your dog will join 3 others and set off with one of our walkers that enjoy running for a off-lead run. Plenty of fresh water will be available for the dogs at all times along the route to satisfy their thirst. 


Solo Runs

If your dog loves to run and has plenty of extra energy needing used up then one of our walkers can take them out for a run. These runs are one to one so are perfect for everyone and available seven days a week. Available for 20, 30, 40 and 60 mins which offers something for all different ages and abilities.  


Yard Care

Our team mate Suzy has many years of horse experience. As well as having 2 horses herself, Suzy has successfully completed Ridden & Stable Management levels 1 to 6 with the Association of British Riding Schools and is a member of the British Horse Society.

Our visits cover feeding, mucking out, turning out, stabling, lunging, rugging up and other horse care.

So if you are planning some time away, don't be stuck! We are always here to help


Wilsons Cold Press Dog Food

Additional Information


We are proud suppliers of the Wilson's cold press range. If you haven't tried this yet for your precious pooches then get in touch. We deliver to your door in Dunkeld and Birnam 😊.
* It is pressed at a much lower temperature (55 to 65°C)than traditional kibble (around 145°C). Meaning protein, essential nutrients and complex starches are not destroyed and therefore, greater digestibility and superior nutritional value
*A greater range of beneficial raw materials can be added including
- Fragile herbs
- Essential vitamins & antioxidants
These cannot be used in traditional kibble as they would be almost completely destroyed by the higher temperatures
-Cold Press breaks down easily and quickly during the digestive process releasing all it's goodness as it goes
- Traditional kibble soaks up moisture, expands and can cause bloating, can remain intact and partially digested for hours
- A premium product with well balanced, high quality ingredients
- Added SUPERFOODS: Seaweed, Ginger, Turmeric, Thyme, Cranberry, Dandelion Root, Merry Gold Yellow
- Feed around 30% LESS than traditional kibble as it is so nutritionally dense

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